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My Name Was Peter Poster

My Name Was Peter
Drama, Action, Thriller - R 

In the late hours of May 6th, 1933, Berlin, Germany, the world barely noticed the torture and end of a generation. As the world slept, the innocent Gay Men and Women who enjoyed the spectacular era of liberation found that liberty comes at a price, as it always does, and that price was life itself. Peter was an ordinary man, born in the darkest of times. His love was thrown into chaos and death soon followed.



Nostradamus Mission
Sci-fi, Action, Fantasy, Drama - R 

Two modern day Nostradamus Descendants sent on a divine mission to prevent World War III caused by two rival NWO secret societies, use supernatural mental powers and alien help to save the Earth in a pivotal battle of good and evil.


Sins of The Past
Crime Drama, Thriller - R

In this character-driven crime thriller, a crooked cop and a hardened hitman must protect an innocent young woman caught in the web of a devious drug lord enacting a long-awaited revenge. As long-buried family secrets are uncovered, will the sins of the past continue to cast their shadow on the future?



Road Narrows
Drama - PG 13

A daughter travels to her homeland of Mani, Greece to convince her ailing mother to come back to her adopted country of the U.S. with her.


The Last Resort
Crime, Drama, Real Life Comedy - R

An edgy, character driven dramedy that’s a cross between Dead to Me, Ozark and Good Girls. It's centered around three highly resourceful women, each from very diverse backgrounds. Together, they will find out what lengths they will go to save their luxury resort. 

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The Cato Twelve
Fantasy, Sci-fi - PG 13

A semi-immortal woman is divinely inspired to lead a group of elite spiritualists on a heroic mission to unify humanity to overcome global tyrants prepared to kill millions to establish a New World Order.

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