A Gift of the Heart
Drama - PG 13

Two Families, Two Lives, One Future. A Gift of the Heart is a family friendly tale about breaking cultural barriers, love and friendship.

The brave & The Brutal
Period Western, Action, Drama - R

The badlands of 1870’s South Texas. A family of Homesteaders falls prey to the lawlessness that rules the territory. One young woman, the lone survivor of a barbaric attack, will deliver a new brand of vengeance to the Old West. She will soon walk among legends and join the ranks of those that would come to be known as…”The Brave and the Brutal”.

Sins of The Past
Crime Drama, Thriller - R

In this character-driven crime thriller, a crooked cop and a hardened hitman must protect an innocent young woman caught in the web of a devious drug lord enacting a long-awaited revenge. As long-buried family secrets are uncovered, will the sins of the past continue to cast their shadow on the future?

My Sakawa Lover
Drama, Crime, True Story - R

A scammed American woman overcomes a Sakawa love spell to expose her oppressor in Ghana.

Shadowblood Knights
Drama, Adventure, Fantasy - R

The Future…New York City. Gotham. The Big Apple is under demonic attack where the survival of the city and indeed society itself is in peril. Are two individuals of distinct backgrounds destined to eradicate the threat and save the city from descending into chaos? Shadowblood Knights…A pulse pounding whirlwind adventure that celebrates diversity, calls on the Divine within all of us and shows us that only through our coming together will we find our salvation…

The Sinful Cross
Historical Drama - PG 13

World War Two, the Budapest Ghetto, two families fall victim to unspeakable horrors of war during a time of Fascism, Genocide, and Holocaust leaving two remaining survivors who are living out the American Dream in New York City until they encounter the evil they thought they left behind…and the human journey begins.

Comedy - PG 13

Rising from local celebrity influencer to worldwide superstardom is anything but a fairytale journey.

Due Justice
Action, Comedy - PG 13

A loner’s life turns upside down when he is forced to take on the responsibility of his head-trauma brother, meets a new love and is stalked by a street racer. He strives to keep a secret from his girlfriend until he is faced with a challenge to seek revenge on a biker gang for their near death assault on his brother.

Crime Drama - R

Brilliant cardiac surgeon, feared deadly Mafia assassin, lonely orphan; who is the real “Dancer” – man or myth….

Nostradamus Mission
Sci-fi, Action, Fantasy, Drama - R 

Two modern day Nostradamus Descendants sent on a divine mission to prevent World War III caused by two rival NWO secret societies, use supernatural mental powers and alien help to save the Earth in a pivotal battle of good and evil.

The Thunder People
Action, Fantasy, Drama - PG13

The first chapter in the Chronicles of The Thunder Six, a special Native American Apache Unit of the FBI who will be called upon to utilize their legendary warfare combat tactics from a time long gone by to prevent a seemingly indestructible force from unleashing unimaginable horror to America.

The Terror Chapter
Gritty Spy Thriller - R

The next frontier in the war on terror just got hot; the sacred Halls of Academia. A young “doctoral student” has infiltrated a terrorist cell at a major American University … or has he? The next chapter in the curriculum … The Terror Chapter.

Road Narrows
Drama - PG 13

A daughter travels to her homeland of Mani, Greece to convince her ailing mother to come back to her adopted country of the U.S. with her.

Our Last Prayer
Action, Adventure - PG 13

The not too distant future … the end of Christendom is imminent and the world as we know it will be no longer as the ISIS Caliphate of Evil is on the verge of total victory and the Pope’s Holy Canon, man or myth, may be … “Our Last Prayer.”

The Bloodletters
Action, Thriller - R

A neo-Nazi cabal of such inexplicable evil determined to carry out a genocide of the Jewish students at the Forest View Public School in NYC when two of the most deadly, lethal assassins in modern history, The Bloodletters, Bobby and Astria Rose are coming and Hell’s coming with them. An epic tale of good and evil, holy retribution, love, hope and vengeance.

The Cato Twelve
Fantasy, Sci-fi - PG 13

A semi-immortal woman is divinely inspired to lead a group of elite spiritualists on a heroic mission to unify humanity to overcome global tyrants prepared to kill millions to establish a New World Order.

The Divine Chronicles
Sci-fi Epic - PG 13

David Divine and Jennifer Morningstar are about to venture into the abyss of space and time; The crossroads of history where the fate of the world and that of mankind hang in the balance. When the forces of good and evil converge on 1938 New York City, a dangerous game of suspense, intrigue and conspiracy will commence. The first chapter will be recorded in the annals of…The Divine Chronicles.