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Solana Paz

Actress, Producer, Director, Editor

Solana Paz is an Argentinian and American film actor, producer and acting coach. Solana started her career on the stage in Buenos Aires, Argentina and made her film debut shortly after arriving in California, in 2001 in the short film Turning On Trent produced by Lucid Dream Films. A full-time working actor, Solana actually has a design background, which also began in her native Argentina. She has since appeared in dozens of films and TV shows, both English and Spanish language. You can see her in feature films such as Go To Hell And Turn Left and Triggered, and many short format films such as Sommer’s Vacation, where she plays the unforgettable character of Cholita, and more recently appearing in the feature comedy Perfect Mate. She has produced the International WOWen’s PSA, and the Happy Father’s Day PSA, the latter of which is a multi-camera short which was released globally during the pandemic in June 2020 (both English and Spanish).


Solana has also appeared in the PSA for the campaign S.T.A.R.S. Against Bullying with Bill Hall and Michael Scordakis, for local markets, along with several voice over parts for Highlights Children’s Magazine. Starring in My Sister’s Keeper, she achieved an MMTB Best Actor Award for her performance.

With a particular passion and extensive training in comedy, she works in both Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. Her producing and acting coaching also includes the Young Actors Film Actors Workshops (YAFAW), held during summers to help educate the next generation of actors and performers. She is passionate about working with youth and advancing youth causes, as well as supporting female film makers, actors and artists across the board.

“Solana’s commitment and dedication to the role brings a level seldom seen. Because of this she inspires her costars to be better and elevates the entire production. Solana can carry a weak story or an entire cast or make an undefined character into a talked about centerpiece. In film, Solana is gold .” -Michael Scordakis, Writer-Director

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