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Eleni Larchanidou

Writer, Director, Producer

Eleni is a trilingual Literary & Talent Manager, a Producer and an Executive Producer, a Fully Qualified German & International Lawyer with a US Masters degree in International Law (LLM), an International Business & Development Consultant in the Film & Entertainment Industry, a Director of Finance as well as Board of Directors, and a Juror to an International Film Festival.

She was born in Greece, and lived on two Continents and three Countries - Greece, Germany, and the U.S.A. She is a resident of California, USA, and Athens, Greece, and holds a dual citizenship, American and Greek. Her entertainment industry activities span several Continents. Eleni first became involved in entertainment in 2004 as a business consultant for producers seeking financing for their independent feature film projects. By 2014, Eleni was being asked by screenwriters and book authors to help them find home for their work, and by producers and executive producers to support them in the journey of finding the right funding solution and source. Her clientele includes screenwriters, book authors, directors, actors, and other talents from different countries. Her duties include fund raising and structuring financial plans, through the use of foreign co-productions, equity financing, debt financing, production incentives, subsidies, grants, gap financing, pre-sales in domestic and/or international territories, product placement financing, branding, sponsoring, soundtrack financing, and other money sources. Eleni is best known as a producer and executive producer for following production companies: Venturous Innovation Pictures Inc (USA), Cineapolis Film Production Ltd (CY), Imagine Films Communication LLC (CA), Amerindia Films (CL), Visions Entertainment LLC (USA), Pressure Entertainment Films LLC (USA), Koda Tribe Entertainment etc.

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