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Roy Camblin - Advisor

Strategic Advisor, Interim Executive, Writer, Producer, Artist, Instructor Pilot, Stock Broker

Roy divides his time between homes in San Francisco and Paris. He's been a senior executive in the stock brokerage, banking, and high tech industries with pacing organizations like Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo, Oracle, and Citibank. Roy’s specialty in all these endeavors has been transformation—providing the vision and leadership at the individual, organizational, and community levels to effect major change. Roy’s primary passion is people, helping individuals and communities fully actualize their true potential. He has an uncanny talent for seeing beyond current circumstances to what may be possible, and has the communication and motivational skills to get people engaged in that journey, making it their own.

Roy is a citizen of the world. His wide-ranging career has taken him all over the globe as a circus performer, instructor pilot in advanced jets, bush pilot, helicopter pilot, search and rescue mission commander, strategic war planner, stock broker, and senior business executive. He has lived and worked in Japan, Turkey, Philippines, Hawaii, Rotterdam, Dubai, Paris, London, New York and towns in the American far southwest and the Deep South. Roy has been immersed in many cultures, and has built a strong reputation as a visionary, change agent, and very effective communicator.

Roy has three grown children and lives in San Francisco. His wife, Jane, is British and headed the French American International School, a major non-profit, for thirty-one years, where Roy was her silent partner. They both feel strongly about diversity, tolerance, and the right education or training being the keys to solving most of the world’s problems. In August 2013, Jane moved to New York City to become the Executive Director of the United Nations International School.

Specialties: Globalization, outsourcing, insourcing, offshoring, change facilitation & hyper growth, organizational behavior modification, training and mentoring, strategic & tactical planning & business execution.

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