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Gisela Shiffer

Producer, Talent Manager

Gisella Shiffer has worked in the Management Talent side of the Entertainment Business and has worked as a Producer for several feature film projects, and Series Pilots for T.V. Gisella Shiffer’s connections in the entertainment business are far and wide and cover an over 20 year span in the business. Gisella is a highly prized asset to this team.


Gisella is also the successful owner of 3G Management, and has been made V.P. of Devolopment for BTV Management and Productions LLC, while holding a seat on its Board. With her roster of over 110 talented actors and actresses, Gisella will be able to provide a vast amount of talent to any project. Her vast and diverse experience in the Entertainment Business spans from talent acquisition to contract negotiation. Gisella attended law school in Munich, Germany.

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