Daniel Berghoff


Daniel Berghoff is a former sportswriter who turned to writing books at the beckoning of family and friends due to his gift of story-telling. His first novel, "The Nostradamus Mission", written in 2012 and sold by Creative Publishing of Amazon.com, caught the eyes of Hollywood insiders. When many of his readers clamored for it to be adapted into a movie, Berghoff wrote his own screenplay based on the book. Berghoff then networked on social medias, and today it is being adapted into a feature film and trilogy movie franchise with R.C. Rockefeller Entertainment in association with Origo Film Studio Productions. They will be working together on several other film projects in the near future. Berghoff will also be working with Koda Tribe Entertainment on several film projects as a screenwriter, including, “My Sakawa Lover”, “The Cato 12”, and “The Juliette Bullette Story.” 

Epic! As in Faith No More Epic! I found this gifted writer's story ground-breaking in its overall scope, as to how it masterfully intertwines the plot, likeable and interesting characters, and the amazing insights of this well researched and insightful novel. It succeeds in answering human mysteries that have haunted mankind for centuries. Revelations that actually give explanations that other similar works in the genre, like the Dan Brown books, have failed to do. For such a complex subject matter, its simplified, entertaining, and well written visionary analysis impressed me.


Michael Kirkland